So Fresh and So Clean

There’s no doubt about it, Teawolf has mad flavor. As one of the leading ingredient manufacturers in the nation, Teawolf services the food and beverage industry focusing on the extraction of tea, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, guayusa and hibiscus. Our mission was clear: Create a branding package that exudes the concepts of fresh, health and sustainability. We set out to create a new logo, website and branding material to usher them into the new age of organic.


The Identity

First, we set out to modernize the logo. Over the years their brand identity became antiquated. The original logo used a cursive font that prohibited a modern appeal, so we aimed to modernize it’s look-and-feel. Additionally, since their business broadened to a wider set of ingredients we moved away from the gogi berry that originally was in the logo, towards a tea leaf, the cornerstone of their business.

A Website with Flavor

Teawolf takes great pride in its world-class extraction technology. In designing their website, the challenge was to create a design that screamed innovation while maintaining an air of au-naturale. Our solution was to couple images of mouth-watering ingredients with high-tech machinery, creating a cohesive contrast of natural vs. man made materials. Infusing the organic design with a slightly scientific approach sealed the deal, giving Teawolf the modernized identity it was looking for.

Ready for freshness? Check out the website: