New Bag of Digital Tricks

Our new website for Rafe started with full-frame visuals of his stunning collections. They're gorgeous, and the impact is instant and emotional. We reformatted Rafe's blog, rewriting his digital history by bringing the blog into the site experience - including older posts - and letting the entire Rafe online identity connect with the site. We also made the entire collection more accessible, presenting each season's offerings in a layout built to maximize his designs.


Finally, we created a short video biography of Rafe, complete with animations of his amazing original drawings. By spending a few days with Rafe in some of his favorite NYC haunts, we were able to create a video project that actually emanated from his intelligence, sophistication, and open humor and creativity. Rafe is such an inspiration - and now the world knows that, too. The connection of video, animation, and design is a strength of our integrated approach to interactive – and the new website rafe.com is a great illustration of that.