Casual Cool Design

Since this fashionista's inception, Troupe has shaped the Rachel Roy interactive experience. With original video highlighting product and innovative viral content featuring celebrities like Estelle and Jessica Stam, Troupe has helped build brand awareness from the inside out. We've conceptualized, designed, and executed countless social media initiatives and interactive lookbooks that reflect a chic, urban lifestyle. In addition to our digital projects, we've designed various materials for usage by the Rachel Roy team – in the fashion world, print is not dead!

Rachel Roy Debuts Bryant Park Showroom

When Rachel moved to the scenic, metropolitan setting of Bryant Park, she needed a showroom that matched. During the substantial gut reno and build-out, the process needed to be documented in a style that captured the scale of the space and its many departments within. Troupe was tasked with the gig, and spent many days in the studio recording the Rachel Roy team at work.

With multiple shots surveying indoor and outdoor scenes, the expansive and chic setting was able to be captured. With Danni, a RachelRoy employee, acting as narrator the audience feels right at home as we wind up the office's spiral staircase and peruse Bryant Park on a summer day.

Rachel Roy’s Lookbook

This mutual collaboration between our film and interactive teams happens every day, and that makes for amazing overall digital work. The final mini-site has the videos rolled into polaroid visuals, a color scheme connected to the RGB separation, and a really unique look made by hand with an old VCR and some magnets. We are always looking to make new, innovative work to help our clients and partners stand out in a crowded visual landscape.