Luxury Auction Website

Looking for fine art, collectibles and other luxury goods? We’ve created just the place for you! In collaboration with our partners in Hong Kong, we created OPUS Auction, the online bidding platform catering to fancy folks with lavish lifestyles. With a sleek design and an intuitive user experience, OPUS aims to impress by inviting users to browse and bid on a first-class shopping spree. Site visitors bid on luxury goods, competing in real-time in the race to feed their insatiable appetites for glamorous guilty pleasures.

Developed in WordPress, Troupe pushed the boundaries of what used to be known as a blog framework, into a large-scale, complex and completely custom CMS tool for our client to maintain and manage their auction business. Recommending a WordPress solution surfaced after weeks of internal research and an intense discovery phase that resulted in Troupe completely understanding the client’s immediate and long-term goals.

The final product was a fully customized user and admin experience, utilizing the WP core architecture to our advantage, ultimately saving the client on budget and time. The auction site has been a success since its launch and continues to attract art lovers from around the world to participate in daily auctions, both on and offline.