Transformative Branding & Web Content

Affecting change on a systemic level is how New Profit gets things done. They are a pioneering venture philanthropy fund, aiming to break down barriers in the United States. They are true disruptive thinkers and consistently challenge the barriers associated with opportunity in the United States. Working in collaboration with Hiker, we set out to rebuild New Profit’s brand while encapsulating their core messaging.

The marketing initiatives were twofold; firstly, we set out to redefine New Profit's identity with a branding package. The next challenge was to bring them online with a brand new website and content management system.

We were tasked with creating an identity package, but really wanted to create something unique, truly separating New Profit from other organizations in their sector. In designing a new logo, we turned to the ancient Greeks for a little bit of inspiration by focusing on the forth letter of their alphabet, delta, depicting change. This mission is new Profit’s guiding principle, and what better way to symbolize this ethos than with the delta.

The delta symbol embodies change, a guiding principle in New Profit’s transformative work for America.


After redefining the brand's identity, we turned to the creation of an inspiring website. We aimed to translate New Profit's values and promise into palatable selling points that would appeal to different target audiences.

After a meticulous discovery phase, planning wireframes were created to define user flow and content strategy. Developing key brand messaging and creative brief documents in the discovery phase of the project paved the way for inspiring idea sessions, creating the driving force for creative and development implementation. After reaching consensus on planning, our team embarked on design and development of this robust web build.


  • Integration of new brand repositioning
  • Creation of a robust content management system
  • Creation of custom plugin development
  • Creation of emotional user experiences meeting strategic brand objectives
  • Ensured seamless technology for content creation and delivery
  • Devised a responsive and ubiquitous framework
  • Implemented strategic placement of CTAs
  • Focused on the site’s marketability and optimization for the digital space


With thoughtful branding and website exercises, Troupe was able to generate meaning through design communication triggering emotional responses to prospective clients of New Profit. The brand new, ultra-responsive website, backed by a souped-up content management system, in addition to its sizzling identity package, has made New Profit one step closer to scaling transformative approaches to social change.