Modern Elegance Digitized

As Marc Fisher’s unofficial Agency of Record, Troupe has been designing, developing, and producing for the iconic footwear brand for several years.

Ecommerce Site

Having launched his namesake company in 2005, a decade later Marc Fisher was finally ready to enter the digital space in a profound new direction for the brand: e-commerce. On midnight of August 23, 2015, Marc Fisher’s luxurious, shopping-centric site, launched after a 6-month comprehensive discovery period. Troupe worked within the confines of baseline Magento requirements set by the developer, while maintaining an air of sophistication, effortlessness, and chic style that reflects the Marc Fisher brand.

Comprising an online store and an interactive lookbook showcase, the site needed to creatively serve two additional purposes. First, it had to introduce Marc Fisher LTD, the new higher-tier, signature label represented by model of the moment Karlie Kloss. Secondly, it had to introduce a philanthropic campaign and marry it with the digital storefront in a tasteful way. A general goal was establishing Marc Fisher as a unique lifestyle brand that was separate from Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, and Ivanka Trump - a few immensely popular companies it licenses.

While user conversions were an obvious end goal of the site, the design created by Troupe stayed true to the elegance and simplicity of the brand. By keeping the brand’s refined, muted palette and sleek figures center stage, we were able to maintain Marc Fisher’s identity as it entered the digital selling space. As we embarked upon the finishing stages of design, we tackled the limitations that come with working within a templated product. How could we make a checkout process look beautiful? How could we ensure extra-long style names would fit? What if the user wanted to search for every shoe color under the rainbow? We made sure our design did not compromise any of these items. A substantial question asked was how the client could make future edits without having to hire us for each seasonal promotion. Our solution was to create easily interchangeable modules on the homepage that could be swapped and edited whenever the client desired. Currently featuring a fabulous b-roll of Karlie and chic fall footwear selected by the Marc Fisher team, we’d say the goal was effectively met.

Marc Fisher can sell shoes, but it's also big on supporting the women who purchase them. Thus, the #MAKEYOURMARC campaign was born. This hashtag-based project aims to empower and honor women who are making great strides in all different industries. In partnership with Kloss’ Kode with Karlie program, it debuted front and center in an aggressive print, web and social marketing campaign. Due to its non-sales content, a separate standalone site was created. Troupe embarked on the challenge of creating a seamless connection between the two sites that is virtually undetectable to the user. A complementary but discernible design was produced, the #MYM site found within the main navigation of

A lot of heart and soul went into this project. With multiple parties involved, the Marc Fisher project was a wonderful exercise in teamwork, commitment to deadlines, and managing expectations. The end product: a beautiful, classic ecommerce site. A saying of the Marc Fisher brand is "Inspired by a world of culture & style", and here at Troupe we truly share in this vision.

Marc Fisher


Adding to the recent Marc Fisher mix was the concurrent launch of the #MAKEYOURMARC campaign that came with its own glossy new website centered around its namesake hashtag. Fully designed and developed by Troupe, the #MYM site serves two key purposes: it gracefully displays selected Role Models, exemplary women across fields who represent the Marc Fisher woman and make their ‘marc’ daily. An easy-to-use nomination form captures users’ input of women in their own lives who they feel deserve this title.

The second interactive aspect of the site is the #MAKEYOURMARC social aggregator, which captures user-submitted hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and stores them in a custom database for Marc Fisher’s approval. Once approved on the back end, the media is displayed in real-time on the website, creating an ever-evolving flow of relevant user content. The #MAKEYOURMARC website is a perfect example of Marc Fisher’s philanthropy and customer-centric model that make it the brand it is today.

Corporate Site & General

In addition to the recent developments in Marc Fisher world we have also designed, developed and maintained a corporate website for the brand that serves as a showcase of the brands it licenses: Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Ivanka Trump, and Isaac Mizrahi to name a few. As Marc Fisher grows, the corporate site serves as a professional portfolio of these brands and also provides company history and information about the man himself, Mr. Marc Fisher.

With a total of 4 Marc Fisher sites under our belt, as well as numerous marketing initiatives including sweepstakes and social, we feel that confident in saying we are experts in this digital luxury footwear market!