Indigo Rd

Boho Bliss

indigo rd, a trendy new offshoot of the Marc Fisher brand was recently unveiled with a hip website that houses its free-spirited collection inspired by americana and good ol’ rock & roll. An edgy voice for Marc Fisher, indigo rd appeals to a younger generation with its whimsy and emphasis on lived-in comfort. With a target audience of festival goers and hipsters alike, its site needed free-flowing imagery and hand-drawn elements to emphasize its gritty and modern collection. Featuring actual lifestyle inspiration from popular fashion bloggers, its lookbooks contain built-in Spotify plugins that stream the girls’ favorite tunes.

indigo rd

In addition to the site’s design and development, Troupe was also immersed in producing a playful showroom video for the brand featuring exclusive blogger footage, collection imagery and other homegrown elements. Inspired by grainy video footage of the 60s, and with the backdrop of a California highway, this video truly inspires the user to “stay true to their path”.

indigo rd