Find Your Strength to Shine

Vibrant moving images characterize this experience we created for Garnier, challenging users to discover their shine by engaging in inspirational and informational content online. In collaboration with Publicis, we created a wondrous wall of a videos and animations that worked harmoniously with each other, to convey an all-natural vibe.


In showcasing the animations, we set out to strike just the right balance between intrigue and excitement, by arranging slower videos next to faster ones. Subtly was key, as some images only moved slightly, while others moved with more impactful flavor. The real technical and creative challenge was showcasing multiple animations at the same time, while keeping the user experience fluid and easy to use. Implementing an inspiring wall of animated gifs created a fresh and vibrant feel, while promoting the

With a strong social component, healthy factoids and beautiful imagery were made easily to share, promoting a wider distribution of the Fructis campaign. We thought the outcome of the creative was pretty savvy, and were proud to work with Publicis on this endeavor.