Mouthwatering Web Design

What better way to entice people into new opportunity than with candy and ice cream? In our work with Digitalent, the gurus of digital staffing, we set out to attract the attention the company was looking for with a brand new website. Our approach to the redesign was to couple snappy copy with delicious design, immediately grabbing the attention of job-hungry site visitors. The site needed to appeal to corporations as well as individuals, so a design solution that spoke to both target audiences was integral to the success of the website. We enjoyed working on the project, though management had a difficult time imagining Troupe employees browsing all the awesome job listings all day.



“Combining traditional web design with 3-D modeling was an effective way to bring concepts to life, allowing us to personify everyday objects by giving them character and charm. This allowed us to convey Digitalent’s digital specialty through organic objects.” Davy Woodward, Creative Director

What better way to entice people than with ice cream? Modeling tasty treats in 3-D allowed us to bring depth to our web design.