Captivating Branding and Content Delivery

Digital Content Next is a unique player in the publishing sector, because they understand the importance of context and data relevance when delivering content to the masses. Originally known as the Online Publishers Association, Troupe was engaged to rebrand the company. Our work with DCN focused on creating a new brand, identity package, and a robust content delivery website that allowed them to engage with the diverse needs of content companies and consumers.

Digital Content Next
Digital Content Next Logo


We wanted our identity package for DCN to portray a deliberate shift from an older publishing mindset to a modernized digital content machine. We really wanted to energize the brand and make it sing! Moving away from the subdued orange color palette of OPA, we turned to an enlightened sequence of colors, providing a fresh and nimble appeal when looking at the new brand. We used subtle shades of blue — a color conventionally perceived as cloudless skies, water, and serenity, to add positivity to the branding. In creating the logo, we knew that to convey the principles of Digital Content Next, we needed to capture the notion of the content delivery for the future.

With a gentle nod to the notion of infinity, we combined a classic lemniscate symbol (∞) with the notion of the future and the arrow of time. The infinity symbol is completed by the arc of the third letter, as if to point to the future of digital content.


In creating a website for DCN, Troupe was challenged to build a content delivery system enabling readers to read posts and engage with content creators any time or any place. For DCN, the challenge was connecting social circles to create a bridge between advertisers, publishers, and potential consumers.

If content is king, thou shalt have a royal CMS.

Our diligent UX specialists, designers and developers jumped at the occasion to devise a robust content delivery website that communicated to all the right audiences in all the right ways.

After a thorough competitive analysis, Troupe began to ideate and conceptualize the look of the new brand. Starting with principles of engineering and taxonomy, wireframes were created to depict information and user flow. Strategic positioning of CTAs was implemented in an effort to gain consensus on site architecture before designing the site.

If content is king, thou shalt have a royal content management system. After the fresh user interface was created we built a robust content management system, issuing a rock-star user experience establishing clearer pathways of content delivery and a more organized data structure. The new website, is equipped with the most up-to-date CMS, striking a strong balance between elegance and innovation.


Armed with these new brand assets and value proposition, Digital Content Next has now established itself as a true catalyst of innovation and revolutionary digital publishing. It serves quality data in a seamless and contextualized manner, to aficionados of quality content online.